Go Study Australia

“Do not hesitate, if you want to travel, do it, give yourself the means! It's so worth it!"

After studying English at University in Clermont-Ferrand, Clodie tried her luck in Australia. She had already had a six-month experience with a host family after her high school graduation and she was charmed! That’s why she decided to go back this year to study a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University in Melbourne, to work and enjoy the Australian lifestyle!

Why leave France? And why Australia? 

“To make a long story short, my life and my studies back in France didn’t suit me anymore. I had already been to Australia to do an to do an exchange three years ago and I had really enjoyed my stay and since then I only wanted to go back. So that’s what I did!

Why Australia? I don’t really know. Because it’s far away, the weather is wonderful, there’s the ocean, the landscapes are beautiful, and the people are certainly nice. Then also because I wanted to study journalism and knew that I could find a university that would suit me.”

What do you do in Melbourne? 

“I am doing a Bachelor’s degree in journalism at La Trobe University. My time schedule isn’t that tough, which allows me moving and visiting around Melbourne. I work next door too. I worked as a waitress in a restaurant for several months, and there for the summer holidays I decided to go work on a ranch 40 minutes from Melbourne to change a little, it’s really cool.”

Melbourne is known to be Australia’s cultural capital: a dynamic city that offers a lot of activities. What do you like the most about it? 

“It’s true that there’s a lot to do in Melbourne and its nightlife is something unique: bars, clubs, restaurants, festivals, music… if you like to party Melbourne is the place to be! Especially during summer, the city hosts multiple music festivals and it’s simply 100% fun.”

Classes at La Trobe University, parties, friends, activities… tell us how you manage to do everything.

“I really like my courses at La Trobe University because they are focused on what I love the most. Plus, unlike in France, my schedule here is less tough which leaves me more spare time to enjoy with people and around the city. I met great people this year from all over the world who have become very good friends.

Life is expensive here so it’s not easy to manage all this on a daily base: rent, food and nightlife… which is why I work next door. But all you have to do is find the right plans and the right balance and everything will be alright! “

What is your best memory so far? Is there an experience you’d like to share?

“Hard to say… but I would say the Great Ocean Road road trip I did with some friends. One weekend, a bunch of good girlfriends, beautiful landscapes and such a great time. We could see kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and wombats.

I really suggest everyone to do this trip, no one ever comes back disappointed.”

In your opinion, what are the most significant differences between Australia and France?

“I am often asked this question and it’s always hard to answer. Everything is different but not so different at the same time! Haha. Melbourne is still a fairly Europeanised city, so I don’t feel out of place. I miss French food and I think all the French people here (and there are tons of them) would say the same thing.

I don’t miss the French mentality. Everyone here is polite and ready to help and exchange, I like it very much.”

Had you already travelled to Australia before? Tell us about your experience.

“I have already been to some European countries on holiday, but nothing very exceptional. Then I went on a six-month exchange program in Melbourne after my high school diploma. I was in a host family and used to go their daughter’s school. It was a great experience that changed my life as I find myself in Melbourne again three years later. I am always on very good terms with my host family whom I see regularly.”

Any advice for our future travellers coming to Australia? 

“Do not hesitate, if you want to travel, do it, give yourself the means! It’s so worth it! GO STUDY helped me a lot with my application to the university in Melbourne, for all the steps related to my enrolment. But also, with all the other technical details like applying for a visa or opening a bank account abroad. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do it all by myself!”

Anything else you’d like to say?

“Try the Tim Tam, it’s delicious!”