Go Study Australia

As a student of GO STUDY Australia, it’s important that you understand the scope of our work and what we do for you.

Please read this agreement carefully before signing and dating to confirm your acceptance and understanding.

GO STUDY Australia is a student services agency which helps international students from various countries. We provide a range of services designed to help you enjoy your experience as an international student and to ensure that you get the best possible service at all times.

Our services are primarily focused on education counsellingcourse selection, clerical support for your college, visa support and connecting you to our services – all in order to make your experience amazing!  Our services are free to you as we are remunerated by Australian institutions.  We always endeavour to give you the best advice and support but are not responsible for the actions and decisions of third parties such as schools, universities, visa offices, health insurance providers and other associated third-party services.

If there are any issues, we will do our best to help you solve them.

Ambassador Referral Agreement

  • This agreement is between YOU (referred to as Ambassador) and Go Study Australia Pty, Ltd. (Go Study) and is valid from the date of signing below.
  • Ambassador will act as an independent contractor and refer Go Study’s services to people interested in studying in Australia. Leads will be passed on to Go Study’s sales staff for professional counselling on education options.
  • Go Study will pay Ambassador 120 AUD for any CRICOS approved eligible course or package of courses (conditional on minimum course length, as per the below options), sold via Go Study to every student explicitly referred by Ambassador, to Go Study. Eligible courses include: ELICOS course (English course): 12+ weeks (minimum length of the course must be 12 weeks) – VET course (Vocational Education and Training): 1+ year (minimum length of the course must be 1 year)
  • If referred lead undertakes multiple courses in a single packaged enrolment, only 1 referral incentive will be paid
  • Payment may be made to the Ambassador as an independent contractor on submission of an approved invoice
  • Payment to Ambassador will be applicable after the referred student has paid their first term’s tuition and commenced their studies
  • Payment to Ambassador will not be applicable for any lead already in the database of Go Study at the time of referral
  • This agreement is valid for a period of 1 year commencing from the date above, and may be re-extended on an annual basis
  • This agreement does not constitute any form of employment, and Ambassador will provide referrals on an ad-hoc basis