Go Study Australia

Opening your bank account with Go Study and Amber is easy!

Open your student bank account up to three months before you arrive in Australia, or up to three months after you arrive. You’ll need to visit a branch once you arrive in Australia and provide identification documents and tax residency details before you can use your new account. Open your Bank account today with Go Study and our partners at amberstudent.com and don’t forget to visit their website and get help finding your accommodation.

Features & benefits

  • Free to open
  • No monthly fees (save approx $50 per year)
  • Opt-in to Student options in-branch for banking benefits and discounts
  • Track your everyday spending with Spend Tracker in the CommBank app
  • Use Cardless Cash in the CommBank app to get money without an ATM card


Making the international student experience easier together with Amber

What is Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank is on of the largest banks in Australia. They actively support people moving to Australia more than any other bank. You need to follow simple steps and you will be able to open your account prior to your arrival in Australia.

No Fees for Students. Student Visa holders who open an account using this link provided will get a bank account for Free and pay no monthly fees.


How to open your account

Follow the steps below to learn how to easily open your bank account in Australia

Step 1

Follow the link and click on ‘Bank Accounts’

Step 2

Click on ‘Open Account’ and then ‘ Student Everyday Account’

Step 3

Read the instructions and then click on ‘Get Started’

Step 4

Complete all the requested information.

Step 5

Create your password and click on ‘Accept and open account’

Experience Australia before you arrive

Moving to Australia? Then this interactive 360° Virtual Reality video is for you. We’ll virtually transport you to Australia so you can experience a CommBank branch and various Australian sights before you’ve even left home.