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Australian Catholic University (ACU) is Top 10 Catholic universities worldwide.

Your ACU qualification shows employers that you have valuable real-world experience thanks to placements, community engagement and study abroad experience.


Sydney (Blacktown, Strathfield, North Sydney), Brisbane,
Melbourne, Ballarat, Canberra

Australian Catholic University is a young university built on centuries of Catholic tradition, both in Australia and around the world, opened on 1 January 1991. The University is a member of the publicly-funded national system of Australian universities, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Federation of Catholic Universities.

 ACU ranks above world standards in seven fields of research: human movement, nursing, public health and health services, psychology, religion and religious studies, specialist studies in education philosophy, and sports science. The university has 1500 international students from 97 countries.

Australian Catholic University is at Top 2 % of all universities worldwide, which means it’s a university that will open doors and bring your professional life to the next level. At ACU, you can build rich, rewarding partnerships with the people who guide your learning.

Why Australian Catholic University?

  1. World-leading research: ACU has an international reputation that will make your resume standout
  2. Industry connections: Throughout your degree you’ll hear and learn from industry leaders who bring their expertise to ACU to inspire a new generation of leaders
  3. Global population: Most of the students are international
  4. Several locations: with campuses around Australia, you choose where to study

Top Courses Available

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Firstly, I decided to come here for a couple of months to improve my English Skills. And five years later, I found myself doing a Bachelor’s course. It has been long and challenging but rewarding years of my life.

One of the best things about the University is that they offer combined online and face-to-face lessons, allowing students to manage their workload and studies well. They also provide a great online library which makes it easier to do any required research, saving the time of going to a local library—highly suggested!

Mileni from Brazil – Bachelor of Education & Early Childhood and Primary School

There were many options for me at the time I applied, but I do really prefer a small campus,” says Ye Rim, who started her degree at ACU Canberra before transferring to Strathfield last year. “The Canberra campus is really small and kind of like a family, and I really liked that, rather than a huge university with so many students. All the units really intertwine together. I’m in fourth year now and I’m realising that oh my gosh, those first two units from first year helped me to learn this concept I’m working on now.

Ye Rim Lee from South Korea – Bachelor of Social Work