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The Engineering Institute of Technology’s (EIT) mission is to provide students around the world with measurable and significant productivity gains in their workplace through cutting-edge and applied engineering education.

By 2023, EIT will be internationally recognised for its blended learning education in engineering and technology. EIT will attract students from all over the world because of its reputation for its strongly industry-focused engineering degree programmes, making its graduates preferred employees.


Perth, Melbourne

Engineering Institute of Technology courses will be world-renowned for the way they prepare engineering paraprofessionals and professionals through blended (including online) learning for careers in demand in the digital automated world.

EIT vocational programs and higher education degrees are registered and accredited by the Australian Government. Some programs are also recognised under three international engineering accords. Together with its sister organisation IDC Technologies, the University has trained over 500,000 engineers, technicians and technologists worldwide over the past 30 years.

The lecturers at EIT are highly experienced engineers and professionals with applied knowledge. One of these practitioners has most likely overcome similar challenges that students might face in the workplace. The technologies used by EIT, both online and on campus, allow the school to attract lecturers from a large, global pool of expertise.

The Engineering Institute of Technology offers online and face-to-face degree programmes with a unique methodology that uses live and interactive webinars, an international pool of expert lecturers, dedicated learning coaches and state-of-the-art technologies such as hands-on workshops, distance labs and simulation software. Whether you study online or on-site in Australia, the supportive blended learning model and small class sizes allow you to expand your technical knowledge and engage in your studies while building global networks and balancing your professional and personal commitments.

Why Engineering Institute of Technology?

  1. Engineering Specialists
  2. Industry Oriented Programs
  3. World-Class Australian Accredited Education
  4. Industry Experienced Lecturers
  5. Unique Delivery Model
Scholarship at Engineering Institute of Technology

EIT has one of the most generous international scholarship programs in Australia.

I earned my master’s degree in Safety and Protection Engineering with a focus on Safety in Electrical systems in 2012. I then started a second master’s degree in 2013 in Electrical Power systems. In 2015, before finishing my master’s, I decided to move to the United Kingdom to expand my engineering knowledge and work on international high profile projects. At the time I wasn’t sure whether I would like to go back to the building services industry or start a new career in the power systems sector.

Either way, I felt that in order for me to be more competitive in the market as a professional I would need to deepen my knowledge of substations, and in particular, earthing systems — which is a topic that has always fascinated me. The best way to achieve this was to attend an EIT course. Completing the EIT course definitely boosted my prestige as an electrical engineer.

I believe that the EIT Substation course gave my CV a certain visibility in the pool, and helped me during the selection process for my current job.

Simona from Italy – Professional Certificate of Competency in Substation Design

I am enrolled in the online Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering course with EIT. I plan to continue at EIT to study for a Doctorate and other engineering fields. I love chemistry and electrical stuff, so I would also like to complete a BSc in engineering. It just takes a little time to study all those fields, but time is all we have in this concise life as humans. So, we should create awesomeness while we are at it.

Mechanical engineering teaches you many other fields of engineering, not only mechanical things. It would be an excellent place to start creating a solid knowledge core. I love cars, watching aircraft, trains, etc; I can go on forever. These things require some form of mechanical design to make them what they are.

I am thrilled at EIT, and I would not swap EIT for any other engineering institution worldwide. If I am ever granted the opportunity to get more involved at EIT, so I can help out in any way, you know whom to call. Before I enrolled at EIT, I studied different science-related courses at various colleges and universities in my home country. Although some of them are pretty good, I never got the level of education I received from EIT. The team and the excellent learning support officers we get for each subject are outstanding.

The fact that they are from all over the world uplifts the quality of education to an international level. This means the students who finish their courses at EIT will be world-class professionals. I am eternally grateful to EIT, and I plan to use every bit of knowledge I gain from my courses to help make this little blue planet a better place for all

Arnold Smit from South Africa – Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)