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Kaplan Business School has produced over 1 million graduates worldwide and continues to grow and excel in quality and holistic business program delivery

Kaplan Business School is one of the world’s most recognised private business colleges. It started in the US with founder Stanley Kaplan, a tutor in New York. Since then, it has spread internationally in the US, UK, and Australia.


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Kaplan Business School offers vital support to students to enter the workplace. Their strong industry network connects students with employers across Australia and provides access to a broad range of work experience opportunities. Opting for an academic internship will improve the learner’s industry knowledge and provide them with the tools needed to contribute effectively in a professional environment.

Student Story: Yvonne

After exploring Australia, Yvonne completed her MBA at Kaplan Business School in Perth.

During her studies, she immersed herself in campus life, organizing events and becoming a valued member of the Student Ambassador team.

Upon graduation, Yvonne secured a position as Events Coordinator at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Why Kaplan Business School?

  1. One of the world’s most recognised private business colleges
  2. Smaller in size for more personalised education
  3. Quite flexible with multiple timetable options
  4. Strong internship opportunities
  5. Credible brand and history
Scholarship at Kaplan Business School

Kaplan offers a number of scholarships in Australia and around the globe. They release a scholarship brochure each year. You can find the latest one here 👇

I decided to study at Kaplan Business School for two main reasons.

It is more affordable than other Universities in Australia, and the Admission process is smooth and easy.
Now that I am studying here, I value the quality of the lectures and the campus location, which is straight in the CBD.
Overall, great experience!

Paolo from Italy – MBA

Deciding to study at Kaplan Business School was an easy decision. They have amazing scholarships available.  Courses are complete and more understandable compared to Brazilian universities. Teachers are well prepared and extremely helpful.

Thanks also to the Kaplan Business School internship program, I am sure I will be able to find employment in my study area upon the completion of my studies.

Danielle from Brazil – Bachelor in Business Majoring in Marketing