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Southern Cross University is the place to be if you’re looking to work in the tourism/hospitality business as SCU joins its forces with the Hotel School of Melbourne & Sydney to give you the most comprehensive degree possible.

Southern Cross University is deeply rooted in its regional communities, proving that world-class research, teaching and learning thrive outside metropolitan areas.


Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Lismore

At Southern Cross University, they create and use knowledge in partnership with their communities in regionally relevant and globally important areas.

Southern Cross University offers a range of degrees in a variety of study areas, with a specific focus in fields of research. It is only 23 years old, but has established itself with impressive stats in the world university rankings, including holding the number 2 spot in Australia for best international student support.

Southern Cross University achieved outstanding ratings of ‘at world standard’ or above in 23 research fields. In 14 research fields, the University was evaluated at the highest possible classification of ‘well above world standard’. This was achieved in the fields of Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Oceanography, Environmental Science and Management, Ecology, Zoology, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Crop and Pasture Production, Fisheries Sciences, Forestry Sciences, Civil Engineering, Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy, Nursing, Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Why Southern Cross University?

  1. Ranked within the top 100 universities in the Asia-Pacific region
  2. Ranked within the top 50 universities for generation Y
  3. Operates alongside The Hotel School of Sydney & Melbourne, providing industry focused and accredited degrees in tourism and hospitality
  4. Dedicated international student support facilities
  5. Offers both on campus and online learning

SCU has a bunch of scholarships available specifically to international students, with different sets of criteria. Check out everything they have to offer scholarship wise here 👇:

Back home, I used to study a bachelor’s in logistics, and at the same time, I was working in a finance depart. 

My interest in the Hospitality and Hotel sector grew every day until I discovered the Southern Cross University (Hotel School) in Melbourne. The quality of the lessons is outstanding, tutors are really supportive, and students are involved in practical placement immediately.

Studying at Southern Cross University is an excellent opportunity to meet new people from different countries while you work and travel. I am unsure what to do once I complete my qualification; Australia’s hotel and hospitality sector is booming, with many career opportunities awaiting!

Ajda from Slovenia – Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management)

I have always dreamed of studying abroad since I was a young kid. After researching several destinations and Universities, I have happily decided to study for my Master of Teaching at Southern Cross University.

I would suggest studying at Southern Cross University for its teaching methods, passion and professional professors.

Since this year, a new teaching modality has been introduced for the benefit of the students, where instead of having 3 periods of teaching in the year, it has 6 terms. This way, the student enrols up to 2 subjects per term, removing a little bit of the burden of enrolling in 3 or 4 subjects simultaneously.

Now I plan to get my graduate visa and Work towards my permanent residence. Maybe go a bit further in my studies, specialising in special education.

Jeniffer Roa – Master of Teaching