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University of Tasmania’s courses offer real-life learning and close industry connections.

In the natural and social sciences, the whole island is your campus. And in the arts, students find themselves at the heart of a creative revolution.


Hobart, Launceston, Cradle Coast (Burnie), Sydney

The University of Tasmania has a strong emphasis on hands-on, practical learning, to prepare you for your future career. And with smaller class sizes, you get a level of personal engagement and guidance not available at other universities.

The exciting, diverse courses allow you to embark on a journey as unique as you are. The University of Tasmania now offers more course flexibility than ever before, so you can choose a wide range of subjects or focus on just a few.

Either way, you’ll graduate with in-depth knowledge and skills that will allow you to succeed in your chosen career. Tasmania is a truly incredible place, a perfect balance of beautiful nature and thriving cities.

Students spend countless evenings and weekends exploring their surroundings, practising their English and chatting to our friendly locals. And of course, there’s the weird and wonderful wildlife – not least the iconic Tasmanian Devil, but also wallabies and possums that roam the campus to entertain and delight you.

Why University of Tasmania?

  1. As the only university in the state, you get close access to the industries and people that are shaping Tasmania.
  2. Choose from 60+ study areas with job-ready certificates, diplomas, two-year degrees, and undergraduate degrees available.
  3. University of Tasmania’s double degrees allow you to study two complementary or unique study areas in less time than two degrees.
Scholarship at University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania has a bunch of scholarships available specifically to international students, with different sets of criteria. Check out everything they have to offer scholarship-wise here

During my studies at the University of Tasmania, I learnt to interpret the regulatory and legal issues associated with recreational, officially sanctioned, and professional sports.

Moreover, I am confident that the firm and diverse understanding of human performance I learned during my degree is a huge advantage.

Paul Hollow – Master in Exercise Science