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Have you always dreamed of a job that would allow you to travel, work in a large hotel or run a restaurant? These hospitality management courses are the ones for you. The world of hospitality is one of the most dynamic and is constantly evolving.

In these courses, you will learn how to manage and collaborate within a team, how to manage customer relationships, how to plan deliveries and orders and how to successfully solve the many daily challenges that this industry faces.

Why you should study Hospitality 

  • Largest and most diverse industry around the globe.
  • Fun and practical courses.
  • Learn skills in accommodation services, food, beverage and gaming.
  • Learn how to safely handle food, make excellent coffee and cocktails, serve customers and provide table service. 
  • Possible sponsorship and permanent residency opportunities.

Potential careers and salaries upon completion of course:

  • Restaurant Supervisor: $48,000 – $57,000* per year.
  • Barista: $43,000 – $53,000* per year.
  • Duty Manager: $45,000 – $65,000* per year.

*salaries taken from payscale.com


  • Academics: Qualification equivalent or higher than Australian Year 12 (fourth higher).
  • Language: IELTS certified (average score 5.5) or equivalent.

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  • Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • Diploma of Event Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management