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If you have always been fascinated by the complex world of on- and offline advertising and branding strategies, then choose to attend a course in marketing.

Through these exciting and innovative courses, you can learn the skills that every business needs. From sales, to advertising, to providing support on social media – a course in marketing and communication will make you an asset to any business. 

Why you should study Marketing and Communications

  • Marketing and communications can be used in every industry and business. 
  • Learn how to design, analyse and implement essential marketing principles into any business model.
  • Become a master when it comes to social media marketing and advertising.

Potential careers and salaries upon completion of course:

  • Marketing Coordinator: $53,454 – $66,775* per year.
  • Social Media Manager: $58,484 – $80,198* per year.
  • Public Relations Officer: $58,575 –  $75,864* per year.

*salaries taken from payscale.com


  • General: minimum 18 years of age.
  • Academics: Qualification equivalent or higher than Australian Year 11 (third higher).
  • Language: IELTS certified (average score 5.5) or equivalent.

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