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It’s really encouraging for anyone who seeks a job in Australia that the country’s unemployment rate is as low as 5%.

But there are certain professions which are in higher demand than others, so you might have even more opportunities if you work in one of these sectors. Do you want to know which jobs we are talking about? We will tell you, so take a pen and a paper and check out this video!

If you want to experience the Aussie lifestyle, contact us, so we can make it possible.  In case you are already here and need help to find a job or extend your stay in Australia, visit us in one of our offices.

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Hi guys, Simon here from Go Study Australia, and I want to give you a few tips on the best ways to improve your English. If you’re from a non-English speaking background, it can be really difficult coming to a new country, making friends, going to school, even just understanding the way we talk with our Australian accents. So there’s a few things that you can do to increase your English language quickly.


So, Australia is a big country with lots and lots of career opportunities. Today, I’m gonna tell you about the five most in demand jobs if you want to work in Australia.

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Number one is social worker. There are so many opportunities for people to get involved with careers that help other people. Whether it be working with people with depression, anxiety, social issues, helping them improve their lives, there are lots and lots of jobs for those that want to work in social work.

Number two is working in childcare. As our population grows, we need more and more professionals to work with our little ones, to guide them, and nurture them, and educate them. If you love working with kids, and you can get qualified as a childcare center worker, you will easily get a job in Australia.

Number three is healthcare. Australia has a big population and an aging population. So we have an increased need for people that want to be doctors, nurses, or work in all kinds of healthcare.

Next is engineers. Australia is constantly on the lookout for bright and talented people to help advance society through new technologies, through new products, and, of course, through construction. So if you have an engineering background, you will easily get a job in Australia as well.

And, lastly, of course, IT. Whether it be an IT analyst, uh, cyber security, working in Dotter analytics, there are so many opportunities to work in IT-related professions in Australia.

Now if these five job areas are not in your background, don’t freak out. There are so many other jobs in Australia. We have a super low unemployment rate, and we’re happy to hire people who are talented and motivated. But it all starts with the right education. Have a chat to us at Go Study Australia. We’ll set you up with the right course at the best price. We’ll even help you find scholarships so you can begin your career, so you can live, work and stay in Australia.

We’re really looking forward to helping you out, and we’ll see you down under.