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It’s really encouraging for anyone who seeks a job in Australia that the country’s unemployment rate is as low as 5%.

But there are certain professions which are in higher demand than others, so you might have even more opportunities if you work in one of these sectors. Do you want to know which jobs we are talking about? We will tell you, so take a pen and a paper and check out this video!

If you want to experience the Aussie lifestyle, contact us, so we can make it possible.  In case you are already here and need help to find a job or extend your stay in Australia, visit us in one of our offices.

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If you plan to work in Australia, you will need an Australian bank account to make your life easier. And we will tell you how to do it! Have a look at this video to find out how you will benefit from your Australian bank account and click at this link to open it in less than two minutes. If you are already in Australia, pop into our offices in Sydney, Bondi, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Perth and our friendly staff will help you out to open your bank account!


Hey there guys. If you’re coming down to Australia for a couple of months or a couple of years, you’re probably gonna want to open a bank account. It’ll allow you to easily pay for things, get money transferred into that account from that job you’re gonna get, and also if you need some help from me parents, they can send you some money down here as well.

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We get asked here at Go Study, what’s the best bank? There are lots of different options you can choose, but we actually suggest you look at Commonwealth Bank in Australia. It’s one of the big four major banks and they have great deals for students. In fact if you open account as a student, you can actually get six to 12 months of free bank fees, so that’s zero fee bank accounts, just because you’re a student. And you- to do that you’re gonna need to go through Go Study Australia. In the comments below you’ll actually see the special link where you can click on that to open your bank account. Or, of course, you can come see us in the Go Study office and we will help open your bank account for you.

So, er, in case you want to do it yourself, click on the link below, then go to the section that says Bank Accounts, and then Open Bank Account, and make sure that you select the Study Smart option. You basically want to say that you’re a student, that’s if you’re coming here on a working holiday visa or a student visa.

Now, when you arrive in Australia, you’ll need to download the app, so the Commonwealth Bank app allows you to withdraw money from the ATM without actually using a card, which is great. You’ll also be able to pick up your card from your local registered CBA office, but again, come to the Go Study office and we’ll give you all the directions you need for that.

Opening a Commonwealth Bank account is a great thing to do. It’ll mean that you have a permanent presence here in Australia and you can get money in and out of your bank account. You’re gonna need lots of access to take out cash, and Commonwealth Bank has tens of thousands of ATMs all over Australia. They also have really cool technology, so you can use PayWay from your mobile phone, you can take, erm, cardless cash from your mobile phone ATMs, and most of all it’s a very well recognized and very trusted bank.

If you need any help to study, live, work or travel in Australia, give us a buzz, Gostudyaustralia.com.au, and we’ll give you all the help we need from our 16 offices around the world, five of them are here in Australia to look after our students when they’re studying. We’ll see you down under.