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It’s really encouraging for anyone who seeks a job in Australia that the country’s unemployment rate is as low as 5%.

But there are certain professions which are in higher demand than others, so you might have even more opportunities if you work in one of these sectors. Do you want to know which jobs we are talking about? We will tell you, so take a pen and a paper and check out this video!

If you want to experience the Aussie lifestyle, contact us, so we can make it possible.  In case you are already here and need help to find a job or extend your stay in Australia, visit us in one of our offices.

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Australia is HUGE, but that’s nothing you didn’t know already. If you come to study and work here for one, two or three years, you probably won’t have time to see the whole country. But don’t worry, you can explore the most impressive parts of Australia in only four trips. Check out this video to understand why our travel agency partner My Dream Adventures suggests visiting these four places to make the most of your stay Down Under.
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Hi from the Go Study office. I’m Jeanne and this is Celine. We’re from My Dream Adventures travel agency based in the Go Study office in Sydney. We are passionate about Australia and we’ve travelled all around the land of kangaroos.

Today we wanna share our passion with you and tell you about four very special places we think you should go to when travelling in Australia. Here we go.

The first one of them is the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. It’s like the other Great Barrier Reef. So everybody knows about the Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast of Australia, but the Ningaloo Reef is about 1000 kilometers North of Perth and is really special because it’s so secluded and protected that it is incredible. It’s a snorkeler’s and a diver’s paradise. If you go there in season you’ll be able to swim with manta rays and whale sharks, which is an absolutely incredible experience.

The road trip to get there in itself is incredible. You’ll get to see long deserted roads, red sand, turquoise water, white sandy beaches all along the way. And it’s an absolutely unforgettable experience.

The second location with strongly recommend you is actually an entire state. The Northern Territory. So it goes from the north of the country to the center. In the north next to the city Darwin you will find Kakadu National Park, which is the biggest national park in Australia, and in the center there is the iconic Uluru that stands in the middle of the desert. The landscapes and animals that you will encounter there are incredible. We’re talking about red rocks, red sands, waterfalls, crocodiles, lizards, birds, even camels.

If you wanna feel the true soul of Australia, learn about Aboriginal culture, and experience the real Outback road trip, then this is your destination. Even if you’re not a spiritual person, you will feel something so special about this place. And for an ultimate Outback experience, try sleeping around the campfire in a swag. You will be on the front row to watch a sky full of millions of stars.

Another really special place is K’Gari, also known as Fraser Island. It’s the biggest sand island in the world. The only way that you can get around Fraser Island is by four wheel driving, because the whole island is made entirely of sand.

When you go around K’Gari you get to see sheer rainwater lakes and swim in those amazing lakes. You get to see rainforests that’s growing from the sand, you’ll see shipwreck on the beech and, um, amazing Australian, uh, flora and fauna, such as the dingo, which is the only place, uh, in the world where you get to see those wild dog.

To visit K’Gari, Fraser Island, um, you can do a guided tour or you can go on a tag along and get to experience the driving on the sand. And if you don’t drive, no worries. Your mates will drive for you.

If you go to K’Gari, uh, during, um, the whale season, you’ll get to see them between July and November frolicking in the waters near, um, K’Gari, Fraser Island.

We couldn’t finish this video without mentioning one of the most iconic places on the Australian, uh, East Coast, the Whitsundays. This is a group of 74 islands located off the coast next to the Great Barrier Reef. On the biggest of them, Whitsunday Island, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Whitehaven Beach. It is very famous for its white, pure sands.

The best way to explore this area is to book a cruise and do some snorkeling to discover the corals and the beautiful fish. And to top it up, a must do experience is to go on a flight over the Great Barrier Reef. You will see the iconic Heart Reef and this is truly a magical experience to take in the size and the beauty of this wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef.

And that’s it for today. I hope we’ve inspired you to come and visit this wonderful country. Contact My Dream Adventures if you wanna come, and mention Go Study you’ll get an extra 5% discount.

If you haven’t been to Australia yet or you want more time here to go on all these trips, contact Go Study. They will help you to secure your student visa or extend your stay. See you down under.