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It’s really encouraging for anyone who seeks a job in Australia that the country’s unemployment rate is as low as 5%.

But there are certain professions which are in higher demand than others, so you might have even more opportunities if you work in one of these sectors. Do you want to know which jobs we are talking about? We will tell you, so take a pen and a paper and check out this video!

If you want to experience the Aussie lifestyle, contact us, so we can make it possible.  In case you are already here and need help to find a job or extend your stay in Australia, visit us in one of our offices.

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Are you in love with Australia and would like to stay here for a looong time? We’ve got some great news, Go Study can help you to reach this goal! You can take your career in Australia to another level or start in a new sector, studying a course that fits you in any city of the country.

However, there are some professions which are more beneficial in terms of migration than others.  In case you are thinking of studying in Australia, check out this video to discover five courses that can make your dream of staying in Australia permanently come true.


Are you looking to move to Australia permanently? It’s something that we get asked quite a lot, “How do I get permanent residency in Australia?” You know what? It’s a really tricky subject, because it depends on you, your background, where you’re living, what you’ve studied, what you’re gonna be working as, will someone sponsor you? It gets really confusing. What we suggest you do is have a chat to a registered migration agent. They will assess your background, your history, and what you need to do so you can actually map out a proper pathway.

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Then we can set you up with the right course to help you actually get PR. But as we talk to a lot of migration agents every day and we ask them, “What are the best courses for permanent residency?” there are a few that keep on popping up. So I’m gonna give you five of the courses that most commonly can lead to PR. So if you’re interested in learning more, come have a chat with us at Go Study and we’ll set you up with the right people who can map out your journey properly.

Number one, guys, the most popular course that we find is actually cookery. If you study cookery, you’ll then get a two-year work visa to work in kitchens all over Australia, and you can then go on and seek a permanent residency pathway. It’s probably the most common option, and it’s actually quite a fun job too, because you’ll be working in kitchens, cooking great food, working in an awesome hospitality environment.

The second most common one that we come across is actually carpentry. If you’re good with your hands and you like working with tools and making things, then carpentry’s a great option. The construction industry is booming in Australia, so it’s likely that careers in carpentry will lead to permanent residency for a long time. And just like carpentry, there is a huge demand for people who are qualified in painting, so if you’re interested in PR, then consider painting and decorating, as it’s a really common pathway for PR right now.

The next most popular course is actually automotive. If you like working with engines and making stuff work, then consider automotive, as you’ll be working with cars, with engines and with machinery. Again, another very popular PR course. And lastly, this one might sound a little bit strange, but joinery is a very common pathway towards PR. Joinery is actually doing things like woodwork, making floors, making tables, uh, constructing things out of wood. It is a very highly desired skillset, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s a very common PR pathway.

Now, guys, these are only five of the most common courses that lead to PR right now. It changes all the time and it’s very much dependent on your circumstances, but also what the government rules at the time. So come have a chat with us at Go Study Australia. We’ll set you up with a migration agent who can plan out your pathway. We’ll find the right course. If you’re not interested in any of these courses, there are tons of other ways that you can get permanent residency. Right now, it’s an amazing time to consider regional migration, but also if you wanna live in the big city, there are also options there as well. We’ll set you up with a professional who can help you out and then we’ll plan out your education journey from there. We’ll see you Down Under.