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Some jazz musicians are not content enough with just practising. They need to cultivate their love for the music in a different way. Dario is one of them!

When he decided to go to the other side of the world, Australia was his chosen destination to revive his passion for music!

Dario, a 33-year-old eclectic bass player, born in the province of Frosinone but Roman by adoption, is at a point in his life where he feels he has no motivation that keeps him going. 


Hey! My name is
Year of Birth
City of Provenience
Ferrara, Italy
Onshore city
Sydney, Australia
Courses attended
General English Course
Vet Course in Childcare

The new music sensation in Melbourne

Dario is a young double bass player from Italy. He came to Australia in 2016 to pursue his passion for music and have an adventure. Being more than 31 years old, Dario couldn’t apply for a Working Holiday Visa. Discover his new life in Melbourne and how GO STUDY helped him to realise his Australian Dream.

Why Australia?

I chose Australia because I wanted to change something in my life, mostly myself. In Italy (Rome) I felt stuck in a rut from every point of view and decided I needed an adventure.

How did you make your first steps in the music scene in Melbourne?

I arrived in Melbourne on November 4th 2016 and lived in Collingwood for the first few months. Everything started from here; it’s a lively neighbourhood especially from a musical point of view. I would stroll around the streets and listen to music playing at all hours, day and night, every day. In Melbourne, there are 55 record stores. Visiting most of them as a collector, it wasn’t hard to meet musicians, producers, event organisers. Everything seemed to be naturally in tune.

What did you do in Australia – study, work, farm work, travel…?

At 33 years old, I came to Australia on a Student Visa to learn English at a well-established institute. Going to school, engaging with people and making new friends fast tracked my learning. The language barrier must be overcome by many during the first months.

Australia is unique because…

It brings together people from about 90 different nations who will cohabit peacefully. A magnificent cultural and social melting pot.

And then, only in Melbourne are there the beauty of 55 record shops.

Brief Experience Outcomes


Ponder your experience…

I consider this experience extremely positive for the reasons mentioned above and for the unique lifestyle – one of the best in the world.

I wish to thank GO STUDY for helping this dream come true.