Go Study Australia

“Every city or place in Australia offers something different and unique.”

A big life change! That’s what Marco needed. After completing his Master thesis in Architecture in Scotland, he felt he needed a new challenge; a new adventure in a new destination!

Australia felt like the perfect choice. He contacted GO STUDY to help him take the plunge. After a month of job seeking, he got a call back and now he’s working as an Architect in Melbourne! This just goes to show, anything is possible if you really put your mind to it!

Hey! My name is
Year of Birth
Milan, Italy
Onshore City
Melbourne, Australia
General English

Hi Marco! Can you tell us how your Australian adventure started?

My Australian adventure began a long time before buying my plane tickets.

I was in Scotland doing a Master for my thesis in architecture and I started to get this feeling about experiencing a big life change.

Australia came to my mind because of different reasons like good working opportunities in my field, its first language (English), beautiful landscapes, beaches, cities and amazing weather.

But where? Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or others? Every city or place in Australia offers something different and unique.

So, I started a long search trying to figure out which one would be the most suitable one for me. Online it is possible to find information, but it is also important talking to people who already lived or, even better, who live in Australia. That’s why I contacted GO STUDY!

How did you hear about GO STUDY?

A friend of a friend suggested GO STUDY, an agency which supports people moving to Australia. They helped me open a bank account, choose a school, a course, accommodation and more. Thanks to GO STUDY I met Francesco Dusi, who talked to me about his experience and gave me important information and advice.

Eventually Melbourne was my choice. European-like, beautiful and considered the best city to live for six years in a row. Once I arrived, GO STUDY’s Melbourne Team helped me with my resume and all the first steps in Australia. I also met other people through the GO STUDY events.

How did you find your current position as architect?

I started to work on my resume and I selected almost 300 architectural practices. I applied for all of them once I arrived in Melbourne.

When I arrived, I also searched for a casual job in hospitality. After two days, I found a job in a café. This allowed me to support myself economically (Australia is really expensive without a job) and allowed me to continue to look for architectural jobs without too much pressure.

I sent lots of applications and after only one month I had a call for an interview.

It went well and that is how I started my adventure as an Architect in Melbourne!