Receive from $2,000 up to $12,000

based on your achievements.

Go Study can help you reach the next level with a scholarship to study in Sydney

Victoria University Sydney awards their best students a $2,000 scholarship per trimester.

You can save up to $12,000! 

You can apply for this scholarship for all enrolments confirmed before August 1st. Hurry up!

Available in Sydney

This AMAZING offer will expire in:

2018/08/01 11:00:00


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About Victoria University

Victoria University has been providing educational programs since 1916. Having trained over 40,000 students in higher and vocational education; they are one of Australia’s few dual-sector universities.

Being a dual-sector university means that their students can easily progress from vocational education to higher education – Such as a certificate or diploma course through to an undergraduate degree or even a postgraduate qualification from doing coursework or research.

Their Sydney Campus is located on 160 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, in the center of Sydney CBD.

About the scholarship

Each trimester, VU Sydney will award a $2,000 scholarship off international student tuition fees, based on previous academic performance and/or work experience.

The scholarship will apply from the first trimester of study, and if students continue to perform well and demonstrate achievement – a minimum 65% credit average for the following 5 trimesters (trimesters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ), they will also receive a further $2,000 off their tuition fees in each of those trimesters.

Be a high achiever and save up to $12,000 on your studies!

How to apply for the scholarship

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, international students must:

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You can choose amongst more than 10 diplomas, Bachelor Degree and Master Degree. See the full list of programs below.

Apply for the scholarship

Your Go Study counsellor and Victoria University will help you to build and submit your scholarship application.

List of diplomas & degrees eligible for the scholarship

  • Bachelor of Business – Major in Information Systems Management, Minor in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business – Major in Information Systems Management, Minor In Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business – Major in Accounting, Minor in Information Systems Management
  • Bachelor of Business – Major in Accounting, Minor in Marketing.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Major in Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Major in Network and System Computing.
  • Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
  • Master of Business (Accounting)
  • Master of Applied Information Technology
  • Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning System)

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  • COE application must be made before 1 August 2018
  • The student must hold a passport from the following countries:

    Argentina/ Brazil/ Canada/ Chile/ Colombia/ Czech Republic/ Ecuador/ France/ Germany/ Hungary/ Indonesia/ Ireland/ Italy/ Japan/ Kenya/ Lebanon/ Mexico/ China/ Portugal/ Scotland/ Singapore/ Slovakia/ South Korea/ Spain/ Thailand/ Turkey
    If the country is not listed, the approval will be as per Head of H.E Division approval.

  • The scholarship will cover part of the tuition fees, and cannot be converted into other forms of payment or transferred to third parties.