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GSA vs Migration Agent

Every year, people from all over the world make the choice to study, live and work in Australia. Every student, existing or potential, has different goals: To improve their skills for professional reasons and enhance their career To gain an English language certification/accreditation To gain a diploma/degree/certificate to apply for a work visa To extend…

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New Regional Occupation List for RSMS 187 visa

The Department of Home Affairs has recently announced a new list of occupations for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa, which will be effective as of the 18th March 2018. This means that many international students will now be able to apply for a permanent residency visa if they work in particular roles in regional areas! A regional area is generally somewhere outside of major Australian cities, but there are a few cities such as Hobart and Tasmania that are considered regional.

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Play wine and taste soccer

Spanish wine tasting and soccer in Melbourne! If you are a Spanish traveller, this is the chance to taste a real Spanish wine Down Under! Because we care about our Spanish students we were glad to get a call from the Chamber of Commerce Spain to help them with this incredible event. Bodega Iniesta, with help…

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5 tips to improve your English

When you arrive in Australia, finding the confidence to speak English is often more challenging than expected. English natives speak fast, you get frustrated because you can’t find the right words, your grammar is not correct, etc. This can impact your whole Australian adventure as English is key – for you to find a job…

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New Work Visa

Please note that the immigration legislation is changing quickly and GO STUDY is not authorised to give immigration assistance. We are working to ensure our blog article content up-to-date to assure you get the right information. If you need more info, feel free to contact GO STUDY Australia via [email protected] so we can put you in contact…

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Best croissant in the world

The best croissant is Australian, not French! According to New York Times magazine, the best croissant in the world is not French, but Australian and is to be found in Melbourne! American journalist Olivier Strand in his article Is the World’s Best Croissant Made in Australia reveals the delicious find a creation of Lune Croissanterie…

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Sergio Mendes Australian Tour

Três vezes vencedor do Grammy e uma lenda da música brasileira, SERGIO MENDES fará um Tour este ano aqui na Australia. Obtenha 30% de desconto com a Go Study! Sergio Mendes in Australia Sergio irá cantar em seus espetáculos todos os clássicos que fizeram de Sergio Mendes uma estrela mundial – ‘Mas Que Nada’, ‘One…

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