Go Study Australia

There are many reasons to study in Queensland:

the climate, the space, and the fast-growing economy are obvious reasons. But it’s equally worth considering the quality of the education choices available in the sunshine state.

Queensland is home to some of the most pioneering universities in Australia with top quality teaching and research facilities. The top-ranking University of Queensland is considered to be one of the best universities in Australia and number 65 in the world university rankings. With about 47,000 students, the university is, by Australian standards, an old and established academic institution, recently celebrating 100 years since it first opened its doors to students.

The University of Queensland is one of a number of universities in the state, but it’s the only one that is a member of the prestigious Group of Eight universities, which are the Australian equivalent of the American Ivy League of premier universities.

Another university in Queensland that is getting increasing recognition for research excellence is Griffith University. Griffith University is a modern and forward-looking institution with state-of-the-art campuses on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

Students interested in studying for an MBA could do a lot worse than choosing Griffith University: it is the highest-ranked MBA program in Australia and number 26 in the world.

Perhaps having only been established in 1971 is the key: no traditions holding back the academic drive for excellence. And that is a truly Australian characteristic and one that makes Queensland such an interesting place to be a student.

Another pioneering university is the only private university in Australia: Bond University. The university, located on the Gold Coast, was established in 1987 and has a little over 4,000 students. With a strong focus on business and law subjects, this is the place to study if small group teaching and a career in business are for you.